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Jeanette before and after

Jeanette before and afterLosing weight is tough and sometimes you are at a loss as to why it’s not happening for you. In those instances, maybe doing it on your own is not the right path and you need someone to look a little deeper to see if there are any other underlying issues slowing your weight loss down.

Blue Sky MD does just this, we dig a little deeper. After blood work and analyzing medical history, we are able to figure out exactly what you will need to see weight loss success!

Don’t believe us? Here is a story from one of our current patients, Jeanette. She has lost 153lbs since starting our program. She came in fed up but determined to make a difference in her life and health. She works hard and it has obviously paid off! Here is what Jeanette has to say about Blue Sky MD:

“I came to Blue Sky a year and a half ago. I was 328 lbs. I walked with a cane when I walked at all. I’ve lost 153 lbs, and I’m mobile and active again. What I would say to anybody struggling with their weight is that it’s not always that you are lazy and lack willpower (as I have been told by doctors in the past). Sometimes there are underlying issues and the providers at Blue Sky “get it”. They discovered and educated me about my issues and designed a plan for me. I don’t have the words to describe how it feels to finally get to a place where somebody says, yeah, you got a problem, but you’re not crazy and you’re not lazy. I have progressed from feeling sure I would fail again to finally believing that I’m going to be able to not only reach my weight loss goal but manage my issues for the long run. I’m fond of saying I have “skills” now. It’s not easy, but it’s nowhere near as hard as living the old way. I would never have been able to do this without Blue Sky, and I am so thankful for them.”During her journey at Blue Sky MD, Jeanette was also able to apply for a job within her company she

During her journey at Blue Sky MD, Jeanette was also able to apply for a job within her company she would never have been able to before because of her lack of mobility! That is an inspiring story which is why we love being a medical weight loss provider!

If you feel stuck, frustrated and are ready to give up, DON’T. Give us a call and schedule your consultation. We can help you have your own success story!

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