10 Ways to Make Exercise Fun

girl jumping in a trampoline

girl jumping in a trampolineExercise. It can be a love-hate relationship. Many of our patients find planning meals and journaling are the easy changes to make but incorporating exercise is somewhat of a lingering dark cloud hindering them from achieving their weight loss goals. It could be due to, having a bad past experience with exercise, feeling intimidated, not knowing what to do or simply not liking to sweat!

On the other end of the spectrum, you have those people who love to exercise! They enjoy it and take pride in the results they see and what they achieve every time they walk in the gym. So how do you turn the exercise haters to exercise lovers? By finding a way to make it FUN of course! If it doesn’t feel like exercise then you may be more motivated to do it!

Here are 10 ways to make exercise fun:

  1. Grab a Friend – Exercise is always more fun when you have someone to do it with! That person can also act as your accountability partner and help you keep your exercise consistent by “cracking the whip” when you don’t show up!
  2. Try something NEW – The same repetitive exercise can get boring over time. Especially if your gym routine has been to jump on the treadmill or elliptical for 30-60min every visit. No one likes to feel like they are going nowhere, so try something new! Here are a few suggestions for fun ways to exercise: go to a local trampoline park for a fitness class, take up kickboxing, learn a new dance routine or simply dance around the house for several songs or try a HIIT exercise joint (i.e. Crossfit, F45, MadaBolic, Orange Theory, etc)
  3. Listen to music – Nothing gets me more amped up to exercise than listening to some of my favorite beats! Think about what music gets you pumped, make a playlist, put some ear buds in and get to work!
  4.  Change of scenery – Tired of exercising within the walls? Head outside! Nothing can be more motivating then soaking in a little nature and breathing in some fresh air with some hiking, trail running or mountain biking.
  5. Download an app – There are so many apps these days that can help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. Try downloading an exercise app to help guide you on your fitness journey. Apps like the C25k for those wanting to run a 5k or Sworkit that provides you with custom workouts!
  6. Compete – Signing up for a competition can be exciting and can give you something more tangible to work for! This can also help you get out of your comfort zone and help you grow mentally and physically!
  7. Exercise without “exercising” – Want to get your sweat on but not feel like you are exercising? Try one of these fun ways to exercise: hiking, rock climbing, roughhousing with the kids, martial arts, clean, exercise video games, put together a childhood game like tag or dodgeball or do some yard work!
  8. Track your progress – Keeping track of your progress can motivate you to keep going. If you know you are seeing results, you will be less likely to stop. Suggestions of things to keep track of are your bodyweight, how long it takes you to walk or jog a mile now versus when you started or do a push-up, pull-up or squat challenge!
  9. Reward yourself – Treat yourself to reaching small goals! It may be just to go to the gym 5 days one week or complete a month of consistent exercise, but whatever it is, reward yourself with a new workout outfit or a Fitbit!
  10. Stop the Excuses – Even though this is last on the list, it is probably the most important. When you stop making excuses on why you “can’t” exercise, you will progress forward, see results and overall you will change your perspective on exercise!

We promise exercise will help you achieve your weight loss goals! So get out, do work and HAVE FUN!!

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