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Best Ways To Lose Weight From Home


Ditching the gym to do weight loss exercises at home can be challenging. Our homes represent comfort and relaxation. Any extra physical activity inside our dwelling other than the weekend cleanings can feel like work.

However, the bottom line is that a regular exercise regime and a healthy diet are good for our overall health. Benefits such as heart health, stress relief, muscle strength, brain function, and more sleep are worth undertaking some weight loss exercises in the home. Discover the best ways to lose weight from home without paying for a pricey gym membership.


Burn calories at no cost by adding walking to an at-home exercise routine. According to a National Institutes of Health study of nearly 8,000 45 and older participants, swapping 30 minutes a day of sitting on the couch with walking lowered the risk of death by 35 percent. The Mayo Clinic recommends starting slowly and gradually, building up to more rigorous and longer walks for beginners.

  • Start by following the steps below for stretching.
  • Walk up the stairs or around the house for 30 minutes daily.
  • Burn more calories by increasing the pace.
  • Lose weight by increasing the time to an hour daily.
  • Continue to increase the pace and time to turn walking into jogging.


With practice, weight loss exercises at home can quickly go from walking slowly to jogging around the house. Jogging can increase cardiovascular function and boost lung capacity while improving circulation, muscle strength and blood pressure levels. To guard against potential knee and foot inquires, find a place on the carpet to jog in place for at least 30 minutes daily.

  • Start with a full-body stretch.
  • Pull the arms to the back of the body, lock hands and stretch.
  • Stretch other body parts such as the legs, thighs, hamstring, hips, and calf muscles.
  • Jog in place for two-three minutes moderately.
  • Take a break.
  • Increase the speed for a minute or two longer during the next round of jogging.
  • Repeat.
  • Cool down.


For experts, running is one of the most effective arsenals in the fitness routine because it burns more calories. When researchers studied the energy expenditure of walking and running by comparing how many more calories running 1 mile (1,600 meters) burned than walking the same distance on both a treadmill and track, they found running 1 mile on the treadmill burned 33 more calories than walking. High-intensity running like up and down the stairs several times daily can burn calories up to 48 hours after completion.

  • Follow the steps above for stretching before running.

Jumping Rope

According to WebMD, using a jump rope can be as effective as running an eight-minute mile to burn calories, and can yield the same results. Jumping rope is an inexpensive but effective way to lose weight at home. However, be careful if you have knee, ankle, or hip issues—jumping rope can put direct stress on these areas. For experts, think of boxers in training who use PVC plastic cables, polyvinyl (licorice) or a medium handle amp jumping rope. For a novice, purchase a beaded rope that holds its shape and is easier to control.

  • Find a four-by-six-foot area on a wooden floor with approximately 10 inches of space above.
  • Hold the rope handles while stepping on the rope to make any necessary height adjustments.
  • Swing the rope a few times before jumping.
  • Jump in place without using the rope.
  • Jump each time the rope passes for approximately one to two minutes at a time.
  • Repeat.


The stomach is one of the most challenging areas to lose weight. The older we get, the harder it is to lose stomach fat, especially if there are health issues associated with the extra pounds around the midsection. Try melting that belly fat away with crunches.

  • Place a mat on a flat surface.
  • Sit down on the mat.
  • Lie back down on the mat and bend the knees with feet planted firmly on the mat, hip-width apart.
  • Place hands behind the head, exhale before pulling up.
  • Relax the head and neck, and inhale when returning the head to down on the mat.
  • Repeat.


Even for experts, push-ups can be challenging. Fitness enthusiasts recommend combining other exercises with push-ups to get results. According to Live Strong, a five-minute round of push-ups performed at a moderate pace burns approximately 28 calories for a 150-pound person. Burn 48 calories by picking up the pace and adding more push-ups to an exercise routine.

  • Place a mat on the floor.
  • Lay down on the stomach.
  • Place hands wider than the shoulders.
  • Make sure the arms and legs are straight.
  • Push up with the palms of the hands flat and toes touching the map firmly.
  • Repeat.


A popular strength and resistance training exercise, lunges work by toning the body. Add lunges to weight loss exercises in the home, burn more calories, build lean muscles and reduce body fat. For a more advanced workout, enhance this high-intensity workout by using heavy weights while doing lunges. Try two to three rounds of 8 to 12 repetitions for each lunge.

  • Stand erect on a mat.
  • Move one foot forward until the leg stretches to a 90-degree angle.
  • Lift the first lunge leg.
  • Return to the starting position.
  • Switch legs.
  • Repeat.


The absence of a coach or trainer, the high-tech workout equipment, loud motivational music, and other exercisers to commiserate with can make weight loss exercises at home seem daunting. Try adding a healthy dose of motivation with a good playlist of upbeat music to get the blood pumping. Remember, losing weight also requires a nutritious diet and incorporating several exercises into a daily routine based on age, strength and level. Fitness experts recommend 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic and cardio activities each week. The good news is there’s assistance to help us achieve our weight loss journey. Get a boost of confidence and remove any obstacles to starting a new exercise routine with an expert consultation.

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