Top 5 Tips for Buying Fruits and Veggies on a Budget

Fruits and Vegetables in shelves

fruitsveg3We all need fruits and veggies to maintain a healthy, well-rounded diet but these power foods have gotten a bad reputation for being pricy and are sometimes avoided by those of us on a budget. We skip right over the produce section and head straight for the pre-prepared foods offering 5 for $5! Plus they are yummier with all those added sugars and preservatives, right?!

Have you ever thought maybe we just are shopping the right way? Maybe if we did our homework and planned a little better we could actually find some hot deals on veggies and fruits! If you aren’t sure how to get started on what to look for, here are a few good tips to get you headed in the right direction:

Tip #1: Plan weekly meals and make a grocery list! Look at your local grocery store deals and do a little grocery “hopping” to capture the best prices at multiple stores!  After figuring out your grocery store line-up, get your pen and paper out so you can write down exactly what you need from the store. Not only is this going to save your overall budget but it will prevent you from impulse buying!

Tip #2: Include frozen, canned and dried forms of fruits and veggies. You don’t always have to get your fruit and veggies servings via fresh produce. Frozen and canned are great and inexpensive ways to increase your daily intake. Plus, they keep a little longer.

Tip #3: Buy in Season. Learning what veggies and fruits are in season can save a lot of money since there will be more supply during their peak production. However if you buy a specific vegetable or fruit during their off-season, there is less of it, so prices are generally higher! A good way to know what is in season is to visit your local farmer’s market! Your local farmers are only selling what they are growing at that time!

Tip #4: Buy in Bulk. If you see a sell that can’t be beat, stock up! Even on fresh produce. You can freeze fresh produce and make your own “freezer bags” of veggies you can use later!

Tip #5: Don’t shop when you’re hungry. This is a good rule to follow for anyone, even if you aren’t watching your budget. Impulse buying can not only be bad for your wallet but it can be bad for your waistline as well! Make sure to go shopping on a full stomach so you can stay on budget and in your current pant size!

Don’t skimp on getting in your fruits and veggies because you think you’re going to break the bank. Try some of these money-saving tips to help you get on a healthier track with your nutrition!

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