Blue Sky MD’s Tips to Achieving You 2014 Goals

2014 is officially here! We’ve had a great year at Blue Sky MD, and we’re looking forward to even more success in the New Year. Our staff are sharing their New Year’s resolutions, as well as tips to keeping your goals.

Giving Back in 2014

My biggest New Years resolution for Blue Sky MD is to give back to the community.  We are looking into opportunities to do this, perhaps via the free clinics in Henderson county.
My tips for keeping resolutions is to pre-plan and focus on completable tasks, i.e. don’t get overwhelmed by taking on too much in a day, week, month or year! – Dr. David LaMond

Keep It Simple

My tip is to set simple, realistic goals. Tackle one goal at a time – do not overwhelm yourself. Another key to success is to have accountability; tell a family member, friend or co worker to keep yourself on track. -Kristen Hunter, RD, LDN

Measurable, Specific & Attainable

Keys to making a good goal?  Three things.  Make it measurable, specific, and attainable.

My goal this year will be to run an ultra-marathon.  -Yuri Eliashevsky

Be Realistic

My recommendation is make the goals realistic. My better half & I want to save money this year, so we’re doing the 52 week savings plan. We put a jar aside and for each week of the year, we add that amount of money to the jar. For instance, week 1 in the new year we will save $1 in the jar. Week 2 will be $2, and etc through the 52 weeks a year, and this way by the end of next year its a grand total of $1300 that each of us will have set aside. By doing it this way, we are able to set aside a realistic amount each week. Also because we’re doing it together, we’re held accountable. -Michelle Connell

Have Motivation

I have a realistic goal in mind and give myself some motivation to keep it! For example, I put away a dollar for every time I go workout to save money for a new outfit. – Dr. Rachel Brown
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