5 Ways to Manage Your Diet While Vacationing

Family Having Picnic In Countryside

The long hazy days of summer are upon us and folks are slipping away on vacation. Whether you plan to spend your time away laying on a beach, exploring a new city or simply visiting with family, this time outside your home, and away from your usual routine, can challenge even the most disciplined. Our 5 vacation diet tips will help keep your diet on track while still allowing you to enjoy your time away from home!

Visit a Local Farmers Market

Roadside stands and organized markets are offering up summer’s ripe and tasty bounty. No matter your destination, if you just look around or ask around, you’ll be able to find local fresh, seasonal produce. Besides the healthy offerings you’ll find there, farmers markets offer a front row seat to really take in the local people and culture. Pick up snacks for the day or the week, like fresh berries and other fruit, fresh veggies for packing a picnic, local honey, and the like. Plus this is a great spot to take home a souvenir from a local artist.

Don’t Forget Your Snacks

Be sure to keep a few protein bars, fresh fruit and veggies, and nuts in your purse or backpack. When hunger strikes, you’ll be less likely to make a mad dash to a convenience store to grab potato chips or a candy bar.

Dine In

Eating out at a local restaurant is certainly one of the perks of vacation, but you’ll save yourself a lot of unnecessary calories (and money) by eating in at least once a day. Most hotels offer a mini fridge that can packed full of healthy breakfast and lunch options. And if you’re renting a house or staying with family or friends, stock up on local fruit and veggies (remember the farmers markets?) and make simple, savory meals at home. Then your won’t feel so guilty when you treat yourself to a couple trips to favorite restaurants.

Ask Your Waiter 4 Questions

Navigating restaurant menus can be tricky. Before you order, ask the following questions.

  1. How is the dish prepared and served? If you are interested in an entrée that features fried or sautéed meat, ask if it can be grilled or broiled instead.
  2. Ask for sauces, gravies, and dressings to be served on the side so you can use a modest portion.
  3. Ask that your entrée be served with fresh vegetables (no butter or sauce, please) or a side salad instead of the usual french fries.
  4. Request whole grains whenever possible. Some restaurants offer 100% whole-wheat bread and buns, whole-grain blend pasta, tortillas, and steamed brown rice.

Move It

Take in the local sites by foot or bike. Enjoy a leisurely walk in the morning or after dinner, swim in that beautiful hotel pool, take your kids up on that early morning hike, or aimlessly wonder the beach in search of shells! All the additional movement will burn off any extra calories if you do decide to splurge one night.




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