3 Tips to Keep Your July 4th Celebration Diet Friendly

If you are trying to watch your weight and stay on a diet, holiday parties can be potential pitfalls, undoing days or weeks of hard work. July 4th is no different. Keep these 3 tips in mind when you’re lighting your sparklers and celebrating with friends and family.

  1. Use small plates.

Research indicates that people who choose smaller plates and utensils eat less, sometimes as much as 50% fewer calories. So instead of reaching for a dinner plate, grab a smaller dessert plate and fill up. With that smaller plate full, you won’t feel like you’re depriving yourself.

  1. Eat the healthiest foods first.

Start with the healthiest stuff first like raw veggies and salads (that aren’t already dressed or mayo based). Veggies will slow digestion and make you feel fuller without the heavy calorie load. Next, look for lean protein choices, like grilled or baked meats. Stay away from those drenched in BBQ sauce which is usually loaded with sugar.

  1. Skip the chips, crackers and bread.

Refined carbohydrates are the worst things you can eat because they offer little satisfaction, loads of calories and dangerous insulin spikes. If you’re having a burger, skip the bun, and pass on the pointless chips and other snacks that temp you when you’re not thinking.

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