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10 Best Gyms and Fitness Centers in Greensboro, NC

best gyms in greensboro nc

Did you know that 1 in 4 Americans has a gym or health club membership? Tons of people are choosing a gym as a way of feeling better mentally and physically, shedding extra pounds, and achieving their weight loss goals.

If you’re interested in checking out local fitness centers and getting a gym membership in the Greensboro area, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at this list of the best gyms in Greensboro, NC.

1. Absolute Fitness NC

If you’re wanting a 24-hour gym, then Absolute Fitness NC is a great choice. This gym is located in the heart of Greensboro and offers tons of different services to its members.

As part of your membership, you’ll enjoy injury rehabilitation, personal training, group training, corporate wellness, wellness enhancement, and sports conditioning.

On top of the classes and member services, you can also just use the gym’s equipment. Enjoy machines such as treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals, or use free weights and resistance bands to meet your goals.

Locals love this locally owned and operated gym and give this gym a fantastic rating. It’s a great place to sign up if you’re looking for a well-rounded gym with a wide range of services.

2. Black Dog Athletics

Another gym to know about in the Greensboro area is Black Dog Athletics. This gym is designed for conditioning and strength training, although you can take youth training, personal training, and group training classes.

One of the most unique aspects of this gym is that you can use an Olympic powerlifting or obstacle course. Plus, the gym offers self-defense classes that are designed to empower members of the community.

The gym’s owner is passionate about getting people into shape, and it shows in the classes offered at the center. One of the biggest benefits of this gym is that its owner is a certified USA weightlifting coach, which means he can give you some fantastic lessons on bulking up.

3. Club Fitness

Club Fitness is another great choice for anyone wanting to work out in Greensboro. This gym has been in business for nearly 50 years, meaning it’s got the kind of reputation you want when you look for a workout facility.

At this gym, you’ll find tons of different services, including:

  • Group exercise
  • Kids’ fitness programs
  • Aquatic classes
  • Yoga
  • Group exercise
  • Personal training
  • Zumba
  • Kickboxing
  • HIIT
  • Tai Chi
  • Bubble sports
  • Racquetball

No matter what it is that you’re looking for, you can find it at Club Fitness. It’s a great place for you to take control of your fitness and receive training from a highly experienced personal trainer.

Better yet, this gym offers spa services that can help you relax and unwind. Head to the Oasis Salon or to the Triad Laser Center for a day of treating yourself.

4. Combat Fitness

Another great choice for anyone wanting to take control of their weight-loss resolutions. Combat Fitness specializes in personal training services and fitness classes.

What’s great about this gym is that it offers tons of different self-defense classes. At this gym, you’ll enjoy learning:

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Muay Thai
  • MMA
  • Fight Team
  • Open Mat
  • Boxing
  • Kids classes

In addition to these group fitness classes, you can get one-on-one training sessions that give you expert tips and tricks about group fitness. The trainer at this gym have years of experience, with one of them being a former coach at Harvard University.

5. CrossFit Greensboro

If you’re really wanting to learn about strength training and start bulking up, there’s truly no better program out there than CrossFit. And, if you live in the Greensboro area, you can get involved in that program.

At CrossFit Greensboro, you’ll find a fitness center that’s designed for intense training sessions in group classes and one-on-one settings. The trainers at this gym develop tailored and rigorous exercise regimes for their members.

One of the best features of this gym is that the team’s programs put an emphasis on weight loss. Their workouts are designed not only to help you bulk up but also to help you shed the pounds and maintain your goal weight once you reach it.

The coaches at CrossFit Greensboro have years of experience, with some being in the industry for more than a decade. What’s more, some of the trainers have experience teaching Olympic weight lifting.

At CrossFit Greensboro, you’ll get to enjoy 10,000 square feet of space and outstanding training from 15 different coaches. This is a great place to go if you’re serious about your weight loss goals.

6. DownTown Fitness on Elm

DownTown Fitness on Elm first opened its doors back in 1997 and has been serving Greensboro and the surrounding cities ever since. This gym’s main feature is the fact that it offers no-contract services to members.

Aside from that, the gym offers weight management programs and sports-specific programs. You can also enroll in goal-oriented fitness programs that help you beat weight loss plateaus and start shedding pounds.

The gym features tons of special, branded equipment as well as state-of-the-art cardio machines that connect to heart rate monitors. The machines and the trainers at this gym are all geared toward helping you lose the most weight possible.

7. Fitness by Design

If you live in the Greensboro area one gym you won’t want to miss out on is Fitness by Design. This training center provides tons of different fitness services, including:

  • Personal training
  • Semi-private training
  • Group training
  • Exercise plans
  • Fitness assessment testing
  • Strength training
  • Sports-specific training
  • Pilates

The center is ideal for athletes who want to hone in on specific skills that will help them boost their performance. However, any resident of Greensboro can get a ton of value out of joining this gym.

8. Gold’s Gym Randleman

Gold’s Gym is a nationwide franchise that has a reputation for outstanding service and good quality machines. They’re also known for having high-quality machinery for guests.

At the Gold’s Gym in Greensboro you’ll find tons of fantastic ways to take charge of your health. join the Gold’s Gym Challenge or get involved in Gold’s Amp to try high-energy workout programs with fun DJ mixes.

If you don’t want to try one of the group exercise or fitness programs in Gold’s Gym, you can simply make use of their exercise equipment. The gym is stocked with resistance machines, cardio equipment, and free weights for members to use.

9. Octagon MMA and Krav Maga

Are you interested in learning Martial Arts? If so, you might want to look into Octagon MMA and Krav Maga, a local Greensboro martial arts studio.

At this studio, you can enjoy tons of different services and classes, including:

  • MMA
  • Self-defense
  • Kickboxing
  • Personal training
  • American combat jiu-jitsu
  • Boxing
  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu
  • Muay Thai
  • Dutch-style kickboxing
  • Judo

As you can see, there’s just about every type of martial arts class you can imagine at this gym. However, you can also make use of the heavy bags, mat space, Thai pads, punch mitts, sandbags, free weights, tires, and even a boxing ring.

All the trainers at this gym have certifications or are champion athletes. They have specialized experience that can help you get the most out of your athletic training program.

10. Powell Fitness

Last but not least on our list is Powell Fitness. This fitness gym is ideal for anyone living in Greensboro who wants a no-frills facility with plenty of training options.

The gym specializes in personal training and fitness classes, although they have plenty of machinery as well. The facility also has outdoor and indoor spaces, which is another major benefit that members enjoy.

Aside from these benefits, you can enjoy getting involved in a customized fitness program with personal trainers. Or, you can sign up for group training that also helps you meet customized goals.

Powell Fitness has tons of amenities for people who are into weight training, too, including:

  • Barbell racks and benches
  • Cable machines
  • Free weights
  • Weight machines
  • Cardio machines

If you’d rather enjoy other fitness activities, there are plenty of opportunities for that. The gym’s multi-functional space offers interval work, rope climbing, and even Olympic lifting opportunities to its members.

Find the Best Gyms in Greensboro, NC

With this guide to the best gyms in Greensboro, NC, you’re ready to take control of your health. Just by making the gym one of your regular habits, you can start looking and feeling better.

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