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with bio-identical testosterone replacement therapy


Blue Sky MD is North Carolina’s leading expert on male testosterone replacement therapy. We can help you feel like your optimal self again for as low as $81 per month*. 


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What can TRT treat?

Many men live with a long list of nagging symptoms of low T that they write off as part of the aging process. In fact, roughly 40% of men over the age of 30 suffer from low testosterone. Testosterone Replacement Therapy can resolve these issues that zap confidence.

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Life-changing benefits


    Men tend to see a noticeable increase in strength and have an easier time packing on muscle while on TRT. 


    A common side effect of low T is anxiety, low sex drive, and erectile dysfunction. TRT can help supercharge your natural sexual performance.


    Low confidence relating to physical appearance, strength, and sexual performance can impact our daily lives tremendously. Getting a boost with TRT can be a game-changer when it comes to getting that confidence back.


    Low testosterone levels create symptoms like sluggishness, brain fog, anxiety, depression, and a whole list of connected symptoms. TRT can provide a massive boost in energy and mental clarity that can be life-changing.

Why Men
Trust Blue Sky MD


We are one of the fast-growing and most well-established men’s hormone health clinics in North Carolina! For almost two decades, we’ve been leading the way when it comes to providing affordable and customizable TRT  programs, careful hormone lab analyses, and in-person care.

When it comes to TRT treatment methods, we tend to recommend bio-identical hormone pellet therapy, which has been shown to be the most effective, convenient, and tolerable delivery method for testosterone therapy. 

These pellets are quickly and painlessly inserted under the skin, delivering hormones derived from plants that are 100% bioidentical to naturally occurring testosterone and much safer than synthetic hormones often prescribed by the more popular online telemedicine companies in our industry.

TRT treatment timeline
Your timeline to feeling like your best

Blue Sky MD Is NOT a TRT Telemedicine Company

While we do offer convenient virtual appointments for established patients, we pride ourselves in our highly effective, in-person care model. Telemedicine TRT doesn’t allow for in-person real-time adjustments or medical oversight, among other things. Because of our roots in primary care and our in-person, patient-focused care, we’re able to offer so much more than “the other guys”.

  • Blue Sky MD
  • The Other Guys
TRT For Men Blue Sky MDThe Other Guys
TRT For Men
Accepts Insurance
Comprehensive Hormone Lab Analysis
In-Person + Telehealth Hybrid Visits
Offer more effective bio-identical hormone pellet therapy
Offer highly effective nutrition + medical weight loss programs alongside TRT for noticeable weight loss
Highly customizable hormone therapy tailored to each patient's individual biochemistry
Local North Carolina practice since 2008
Get Started


1. Schedule Your Initial Lab Appointment


We start by looking at total testosterone and ‘free’ testosterone, which lets us know how much testosterone is getting to the tissue.

We also look at balancing your estrogen level which helps with libido, optimizes body fat distribution and assists with improving mood. We look at DHEA level as a gauge of your stress tolerance and optimal sleep, recovery.

Last, we make sure your thyroid panel is balanced and look at free levels of hormones which tell us if hormone is delivered to your tissue properly. Our comprehensive panels include:

Result will arrive within 2 business days.
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2. Initial Consultation & Same Day Treatment

One-on-one provider consultation

Every patient and dosage is different! During this consultation, you’ll meet with our provider to discuss hormone lab results, your medical history, and symptoms, and any previous hormone previous treatments you may have tried in order to dial in your treatment plan and customize it to your lifestyle. We can typically get started delivering your first treatment during this visit.

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3. Receive Your Treatment & Start Feeling Better


If you qualify, we can start treatment with the appropriate delivery method same day as consult. We will schedule your next appointment for 4 weeks to determine if labs and symptoms have been resolved. Most patients report feeling 80% better within a week and symptoms disappearing within 3-4 weeks at most.

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4. Optimize, Analyze & Maintain


Throughout the process, you’ll meet with a provider every 3-6 months to check in on symptoms and monitor hormone levels through regular testing. Often patients only need a virtual visit with their provider to go through symptoms. However, if any changes to dosage or delivery method are needed, we can make adjustments in real time and face-to-face.

Blue Sky MD Success Stories

"I’m very very happy with how Testosterone Replacement Therapy has changed my life. I have lost 70 pounds and I’m in the best shape of my life."

David M. Blue Sky MD, TRT Patient

"Since starting Hormone Replacement Therapy, I felt a lot more energy, a sense of well-being, and the overall change is my overall mood. It's amazing, I've had so many people comment on it."

James Blue Sky MD, TRT Patient


Join thousands of North Carolinian Men who are feeling like their younger selves.

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