Top 4 Reasons Why Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Is SUPERIOR

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement TherapyAlong with finding more gray hairs and noticing a few more wrinkles, aging can also bring about several symptoms not always visible to the eye. Too often, these symptoms which are affecting daily life and overall health, are misdiagnosed as natural signs of aging, when in many cases they reveal a hormone deficiency.

And yes, as we age, these symptoms are normal to experience but it’s not how it has to be for the rest of your life! Just as you can throw some color on those graying hairs, you can also treat some of those other symptoms with bioidentical hormone therapy!

The symptoms we are talking about are a little different for men and women:

Men can experience low energy and fatigue, low libido, and depressed mood.

Women can experience hot flashes and night sweats, joint pain, mood changes and a decrease in intimacy.

At Blue Sky MD, we provide hormone therapy to help relieve these symptoms by way of pellet implantation. Pellets offer a safe and effective method for therapy without the risks associated with conventional or synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

We feel bioidentical hormone therapy is superior to other hormone replacement options! Why? We’ve laid it out into 4 main reasons:

  1. Convenient – Pellets deliver consistent, healthy levels of hormones for 3-5 months with no need to remember patches, creams, OR daily pills.
  2. Effective– Pellet implantation has consistently proven more effective than oral, intramuscular and topical hormone therapy to varying symptoms such as maintenance of bone density, restoration of sleep patterns, and improvement in libido and mental clarity.
  3. Fast Results Some patients begin to ‘feel better’ within 24-48 hours while others may take a week or two to notice a difference. Diet and lifestyle, along with hormone balance are critical for optimal health. Hormone levels are re-evaluated at 4 weeks after pellet therapy
  4. Safe– Testosterone, delivered by pellet implantation, has been shown to be protective against cancer. Bioidenticals have also been studied to improve overall mortality rate with heart disease.

If you have more questions involving hormone therapy via pellets, please see our FAQ and/or make an appointment to discuss further!!

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