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New Patient Portal Puts Medical Information in the Palm of Your Hands

healowMaking appointments, accessing your medical records and communicating with your doctor just got easier!  With our new patient portal, you can now do this and more from your PC or smart phone. Simply download the free, secure Healow app and manage yours and your family’s medical information when and where you want.

We’ll provide you with a username and password, then you can access accounts for yourself and your minor children.  And with their consent, you can even manage the accounts of your spouse or aging parents.

With the Healow app, you can:

Manage Your Medications

The Healow patient portal can help you avoid the confusion that often comes with taking multiple medications at different times for different conditions.

  • Receive automatic medication reminders based on the schedule you set up
  • Give your medications names that make sense to you
  • Have a photograph of all the medications you are taking to avoid confusion
  • Send a refill request to your doctor when you are running low
  • Add over-the-counter medications to your Medication List
  • Consolidate all of your prescribed medications by all providers that use the Healow app

Obtain lab results and Access Your Personal Health Record

With the Healow patient portal, you’ll have access all of your important health information, including labs, imaging studies, and procedures, recent vital signs, allergies, medical problems, immunizations, and more.  With this information you’ll be able to reduce repetitive tests, track your health progress, and better communicate with your doctors.

Schedule Appointments and Reminders

Schedule your next appointment with the Healow patient portal as well as an automated reminder for upcoming appointments. You’ll even receive a Visit Summary when you’re done!  You can view past and future appointments and write notes about questions or concerns that you want to discuss with your doctor.

Receive Health Alerts and Communicate with Your Doctor

The Healow patient portal provides you with a secure and convenient way to communicate with your doctor.  Use the portal to send your health care provider a message, and receive a response within 48 hours. The portal also allows Blue Sky, MD to send important notifications and health alerts in real time.

The app can be used on any Apple® or Android® enabled device. Contact Blue Sky, MD for your username and password.  Once you have activated your account, you can access the information on your smart phone or PC.

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