Is it Low T?

This post originally appeared on the Lamond Family Medicine blog.

So, what are the symptoms that suggest a man may have low testosterone levels?  Well, it’s generally a combination of things – Here’s a quick rundown of the common symptoms of low T.

 Low Sex Drive

The first symptom that most people think of when you say low testosterone is a reduced libido. From patient feedback, when you have low T you just don’t really think about sex much at all. It generally bothers the man suffering from low T much less than it bothers his partner. It’s usually the woman who asks ‘Is it low Testosterone‘ before their partner!  Women in the know get their T checked and have it corrected as well!

For our female readers, I would give this advice:

If you are in a relationship with a man aged over 35 and he doesn’t want sex anymore, you might want to get his T levels checked. While this is a sensitive issue, it could be the key to fixing an often frustrating problem.

The symptoms of low testosterone levels in men:

Erectile Dysfunction (inability to achieve or maintain erections)

Got ED? Before you ask for the Viagra, first ask yourself, is it low Testosterone?

The penis actually contains testosterone receptors – they are located in the ‘corpora cavernosa’, which are the chambers that control an erection. One study has shown that testosterone therapy resolved ED issues in one third of men who tried it. Why was this study not bigger news? Probably because the drug companies can make more money selling you Viagra and Cialis!

Lack of Energy/Depression/Brain Fog

These are the symptoms of low T men are less likely to talk about, even though plenty of studies have definitively proven the link.   Within a few weeks, most men report a dramatically improved mood and their brain’s ‘just work quicker.’

 Decreased Muscle/Increased Fat

 Low testosterone causes obesity, and obesity causes low testosterone.  It’s a vicious cycle – if you’re gaining a lot of weight around the middle, and you share some of the other symptoms of low testosterone discussed here, when you try to fasten your pants in the morning ask yourself is it low T?  Numerous studies have proven that men who start testosterone therapy gain muscle and lose fat very quickly.  Correction of low T actually has been proven to be heart protective and has become standard of care to screen and replace testosterone.

So, there you have it. If you are a man aged over 35 (maybe even 30) and you have any of the symptoms of low Testosterone, you should get your testosterone level checked. I know, you’re a man and you hate going to the doctor, but this is worth it.

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