Understanding Motivation: How to Motivate Yourself

Have you ever experienced being highly motivated that you think anything is possible so long as you put your mind to it? How about when you feel like everything feels like a struggle, that simple tasks such as sending an email or calling a client require a lot of effort from you? Don’t worry — there will be days when your motivation is at its all-time high and other days where you have no motivation to do anything at all.

It’s completely normal. There are techniques that you can use to boost and keep your motivation. This article will talk about how motivation works and how to get motivated to accomplish your goals.

What is Motivation?

The force that makes you want to ditch the sedentary lifestyle or master a new skill is motivation. We all have it, albeit not naturally. For most people, it needs to be cultivated. It would help if you found out what motivates you to do something and focus on that.

Types of Motivation

An act driven by internal rewards such as enjoyment or happiness is intrinsic motivation. When you expect something, like money or a promotion, it’s extrinsic motivation. You’re motivated by external factors, and that’s okay. Some people may be driven by both, too, depending on the situation.

The Science of Motivation

Do you know that dopamine, that neurotransmitter that mediates pleasure in the brain, helps regulate motivation? A brain imaging study shows that those likely to work hard to complete a task have higher dopamine levels. Intrinsic motivators also have greater dopamine in the brain.

When dopamine is released, you will feel pleasure. As a result, you may repeat the behavior to experience the same feeling of pleasure. You will be more motivated to do something because of dopamine.

Why You’re Not Motivated

There are a variety of reasons why you’re not motivated to accomplish your tasks. It may be due to burnout, low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, or depression. Other problems with motivation include not having enough resources or lack of time. In some people, their fear of failure is greater than their motivation to achieve their goals. For some, the task may be too overwhelming that they think it’s impossible to achieve them.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to cultivate motivation. Below are our helpful tips to make you more motivated.

How Can I Get Motivated:

Identify Problems

After writing your goals, take time to review them and identify problems that may come up. It’s important that you know how to alleviate these issues; otherwise, it will affect your motivation.

For example, your goal is always to stay active, but you don’t have enough time to visit a fitness gym. Consider utilizing online fitness programs to help you manage your weight loss goals. You can also do some stretching exercises while taking a break at work.

Be honest about your goals and if you think an issue may come up. If possible, get help from a professional.

Set SMART Goals

When it comes to setting goals, follow the SMART approach.

Specific. You need to clearly identify what you want to achieve. Don’t just say you want to lose weight. Say, “you want to get rid of 5 pounds of fat in a month.”

Measurable. You should be able to measure progress.

Attainable. Ensure that the specific goal is actually achievable.

Realistic. Make sure you’re not making goals that are just impossible to accomplish.

Time-bound. Set a deadline for your goal.

Incentivize it

After setting up your goals, consider thinking of the best rewards that you want to give yourself for accomplishing the tasks. Simple rewards such as a lunch out or a staycation can be very motivating. It will encourage you to do even better.

Take Advantage of Tools

Productivity tools can help you reach your goals. You only have to find out which one works for you and keep doing it. Try using the Pomodoro technique where you stay focus for 25 minutes, then take a 5-minute break. Do this in 4 intervals and get a long 15-minute break after. The timer will let you focus on your task.

Make it Fun

Unless you have no choice, never engage in activities that you never enjoy. Otherwise, you may not have the motivation to achieve your goals. If you want to lose weight, ensure that you actually do something you like. Don’t go dancing if you loathe it.

You are likely to be more motivated when the tasks or activities delight you. Consider doing it with a friend, too, especially when you’re trying to lose weight. Social support is beneficial as your friend can remind you about your goals and even help you better.

Track your Progress and Celebrate Small Wins

No matter the goal, it’s always best to track your progress and celebrate small wins. You will know how close you are to success by keeping track of your progress. Celebrating your progress can help you become more motivated to accomplish more tasks.

Take the First Step

You can accomplish anything so long as you are committed to doing everything you can for your goals. Follow the SMART approach in goal setting, identify potential problems, and then take that first step. Do it one day at a time.
It may be difficult to stay motivated all the time, but it’s definitely not impossible. Stay committed and find a reason why you need to stay on track.

So long as you set realistic goals and get the right help — you’ll be highly successful.

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