8 Ideas for a Healthier Easter Basket

With Easter baskets full of chocolate bunnies, chocolate chicks, Cadbury Eggs, jelly beans and Peeps, Easter can feel like Halloween, part 2. All that sugar is sure to lead to a crash, making for cranky kids by dinner. Instead, try filling your baskets with some healthy Easter treats. Check out some of our favorite, bunny-approved healthy Easter basket ideas; don’t worry, we haven’t ditched all the chocolate.

  • Check out the Dollar Store, Target or Wal-Mart’s dollar bin, or the party favor section for cheap and fun basket fillers.  You can often find items for all age groups here.
  • Instead of candy bars, include your child’s favorite granola bar. Cliff Kids and Kind bars are excellent choices. Dried fruit or trail mix can satisfy your child’s sweet tooth.
  • A bundle of carrots in a decorative bag makes for an unexpected, healthy snack.  Or, tie a ribbon around a group of whole carrots with the stem left on – a perfect gift from the Bunny.
  • Need to satisfy the need for chocolate? Instead of a large (think show-stopping) chocolate bunny, opt for a smaller, hollow one. A couple of individually wrapped pieces of chocolate can help with portion control while keeping the fun factor intact. Feel like making your own treat? These chocolate covered strawberries that look like carrots are sure to please.
  • Fill plastic eggs with Annie’s Homegrown bunny snacks.  They come in a variety of flavors like, cheddar, chocolate, chocolate chip, graham, and more.
  • Include coupons your children can exchange throughout the year like, “No chores for the day” or “Kid’s choice for dinner.” Mix in some other fun items like coloring books, crayons and craft supplies.
  • With warmer weather on the way, create an outdoor themed basket with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, water guns, balls, frisbee or a badminton set.
  • For tweens and teens, celebrate the holiday by giving them intangible things like a later curfew one night, more computer time or more cell phone minutes. Books, DVDs, movie passes or iTunes cards are also good choices.

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