What Happens to your Body When you Consume Sugar?

Sugar Addiction Cycle

Halloween is just the beginning of the “candy season” here in America. After Halloween comes Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter, all of which are based largely on getting consumers to buy lots of candy in celebration. So what’s the harm in a little candy? Well considering most of us will consume more than “just a little” candy this Halloween, the aftermath can be somewhat spooky and can blind us from our weight loss goals!

Even though lots of Halloween candy is in a miniature “fun size”, the calories and the effects of sugar on the body are still very apparent. Let’s pick 3 candy favorites as an example: Fun-size 100 Grand bar has 95 cals and 11g sugar, Skittles has 80 cals and 14.5g sugar and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup has 110 cals and 10.5g sugar! If you have one of each, that totals up to be 36g of sugar or 9 teaspoons!

It is recommended by the American Heart Association that women need no more than 100 calories daily (6 tsp) and men no more than 150 calories per day – (9 teaspoon) of added sugars. Well there is your daily allotment met or exceeded in 3 pieces of candy!!

Most Americans get 1/4th or more of their total caloric intake from added sugars, such as candy, cakes, cookies, sweetened yogurt, juices and sodas. However, this does not take into account the hidden sugar in ketchup, pasta sauces, sweetened cereals, waffles etc. We know sugar is not a nutritional food, but even so, it sometimes is a tough habit to break, especially when it’s constantly in our faces around this time of year!


Excess simple sugar increases medical risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, insulin resistance and obesity. So why don’t we simply stop eating so much sugar?! Well, IT’S ADDICTIVE. When you eat sugar, your brain releases neurotransmitters, known as opioids, which activate the brain’s pleasure receptors.


Here is what happens to your body after consuming too much sugar!


How can Blue Sky MD help you stay on your weight loss goals and decrease your sugar intake this Halloween holiday?! Well we are going to Buy-Back your candy!! Starting November 1st – 11th, bring your leftover candy to any Blue Sky MD office and for every pound brought in (up to 5lbs) we will give you a free MIC booster shot to help metabolize fat!!



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