How to Administer Semaglutide At Home

REMINDER: All Blue Sky MD semaglutide prescriptions come with instructions in the packaging. 

However, sometimes the packaging can be wordy and difficult to understand. We’ve put together a video and some quick and easy instructions for you below.

Semaglutide Instructions

NOTE: Be sure to store medicine in your refrigerator between uses, especially after opening!!


1. Understand dosing instructions

Dosage is different for each patient. Before you begin, make sure you understand what dosage you’ve been prescribed.


2. Sanitize the Bottle Stopper

Clean the stopper on the medicine bottle with rubbing alcohol before each use.


3. Fill syringe with medicine

Tip the bottle upside down, insert the needle, and pull back on the syringe plunger until you get the correct dosage in your vial.


4. Sanitize Syringe Needle.

Disinfect your needle before insertion by applying rubbing alcohol with a cotton swab.


5. Choose Injection Site

Choose an injection site on a fleshy part of the abdomen, thigh, or upper arm.


6. Inject Medicine

Disinfect the skin with alcohol on a cotton swab. Pinch the skin and insert the needle into the skin at a 45 degree angle or 90 degree angle. Push on the plunger steadily until the syringe is empty and plunger reaches the bottom of the syringe. Speed is not important.

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