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Dave’s Top Ten Tips from Inc 500|5000

inc 5000As part of the honor for Blue Sky MD ranking on Inc’s 500|5000 list, Dr. Dave was asked to attend the The Inc. 500|5000 Conference, an annual event that brings the nation’s brightest, most successful business minds together to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the companies that appear on Inc. Magazine’s prestigious ranking of America’s fastest-growing privately held companies.

Dr. Dave is freshly back from the Inc 5000 Conference, and in addition to rubbing elbows with some of the top entrepreneurs in the country, he has a fresh set of tips and tools to help make Blue Sky MD even better. This is his Top 10 List from this incredible weekend:

  1. Great leaders create a movement that lives and breathes beyond the ‘4 walls’ of their business.  A great leader doesn’t need to be present daily,  because the movement (staff) can carry on the mission with or without them.
  2. Great leaders capitalize on ‘luck and timing’ to create their movement.
  3. You need to understand what to stop doing; know what to take off your “to do” list.
  4. Identify the biggest asset in your organization and protect it at all costs.
  5. Find a sustainable market to focus on; don’t be everything to everyone.
  6. Build a culture of enduring purpose with core values to last multiple generations.
  7. Have a goal out there which seems unattainable, one so great people think you’ve lost it.  When I say “Blue Sky MD is going to change the standard of care,” I mean it.
  8. Change incrementally – obey the 80/20 rule of change.  Identify the right 20% to change.  Be patient and allow the change to happen.
  9. Who’s on the bus?  Have the right team in place, in the right seat and execute.
  10. Execute 80% of the time, plan 20% and don’t be afraid to fail with some projects.

We couldn’t be more excited to get these tips into action at Blue Sky MD! We’ve always thought we had a great company, but now it’s just going to get better. Give us a call today!



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