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Amanda M - Patient Success Stories

A Life Saving Experience

It began in May, 2021, I was in pain, depressed, and short winded, in a stressful job, and miserable!  It didn’t help that I weighed 270 pounds either.  I had two choices, keep going and end up diabetic, heart disease, and a short life, or make changes!  I had a friend who had stomach bypass, and I saw how hard it was for her, not being able to eat much of anything, missing out on flavors of food and the enjoyment of it.  Blue Sky gave me chance to change – to still enjoy the flavors of food, and lose weight at the same time.

Since joining Blue Sky, I have gotten hormonal replacement, which has helped tremendously with energy, along with hypothyroid treatment, which my internist said was normal, and a new lifestyle way to eat.  I’m down to 213 pounds, still another 45 to go. However, I have a new way of eating, loving fruit, veggies, and life again, all while staying within a caloric count total.  My insulin levels are normal again, my cholesterol is back down, and I can enjoy life with my family again. I even have the energy to go out and walk for 3-4 miles at a time.

I’m 58 years old, and to change 58 years of the clean plate club, and turning to food for comfort when stressed, it has not been easy.  The staff at Blue Sky has been always positive with me, encouraging, not condemning, when I have a rough week or month.  Right now, I battle with the mental side of this change and years of a habit.

This change is not a diet—it’s my life and I’m thankful to have the support of my husband and the entire staff of Blue Sky.  You too will benefit from this amazing team of people!

JUNE 2021

Amanda M - Patient Success Stories


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