7 Tips to Keep You Exercising All Year Long

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Exercise motivation. Why does it come so easy for some people and it’s a struggle for others?! What’s their secret? Well, there may not be just one answer, as everyone has their own personal way of finding and keeping motivation. Whether it’s the actual physical changes they see in their body or the stress relief they experience by zenning out and focusing solely on themselves, even if only for 20 minutes a day, exercise means something different for everyone.

So how do you find that special exercise muse to keep you hooked? Well, you’ve got to find that out for yourself, but here are 7 exercise motivation tips to try so you can be an exercise motivator for someone else!

MAKE IT FUN. Yes you read that right. Exercise can be fun, you just have to find what’s going to make your world go round. Is it Zumba, circuit training, boxing, dancing? The list can go on, find something you will look forward to doing every day!

EXERCISE WITH FRIENDS. Gather up some accountability partners to exercise with you. This will not only make it more enjoyable, you will also have someone to give you some much needed exercise encouragement if you try to cancel!

VARY IT UP. You should know if you get bored easily. If variety is a must for you, maybe you need to get a gym membership somewhere so you can sign up for a variety of exercise classes!

EXERCISE AT THE SAME TIME EVERYDAY. Making it a set appointment in your calendar can help you stay committed. This may not work for everyone but routine can be a good thing. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or right after work before you head home, find the prime time for you!

EXERCISE EVEN THOUGH YOU THINK YOU ARE TIRED. I promise it will give you more energy. Sometimes we can use “I’m tire” as an excuse. So push through it and you will not only feel better physically but mentally too!

KEEP AN EXERCISE JOURNAL. Write it down! Being able to track your progress is a motivator in itself! Six months down the road you may not remember the struggles you’re going through today because you are going to be a better stronger physical being! It’s nice to look back and see how far you’ve come.

SET GOALS. Working towards a goal can motivate us to keep going. Whether it’s a 5k, a Spartan Race or walking 30 minutes every day for a year, set goals and achieve them!

Exercise is a part of weight loss and healthy living. We hope you make it a priority and fit it into your daily or weekly schedules. Remember, 1 hour is only 4% of your day! You’ve got this! Need some good ideas? Head to our Blue Sky MD Pinterest Fitness board and check out what kind of workouts we love!

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