6 Healthy Reasons to Try Your Local Farmers Market

People shopping at local farmer's market
It can be hard to eat more fruits and veggies when supermarket food is bland, unappealing, and overpriced—that’s why our favorite thing about summer is all the farmer’s markets and fresh produce available. There are several reasons to love shopping for produce at a farmer’s market:

1. They offer the freshest, most delicious locally grown veggies available.

If you’ve ever tasted a fresh-grown carrot pulled straight from the garden, you know there’s a difference in flavor between a supermarket vegetable and a home-grown vegetable. Each farm grows something slightly different, so if you’re looking for specific vegetables for a particular dish, you’ll more than likely be able to find exactly what you need from a few different produce stalls.

2. They’re a great opportunity to get out, walk, and enjoy the cool summer morning.

Farmers Markets are an amazing reason to get up early before it gets too hot. You’ll be able to snag breakfast, a cup of coffee, or a treat at one of the stalls while you cross items off your shopping list. You’ll likely make a couple trips around just browsing the options before you make a decision to purchase, giving you a nice little walk to start the day.

3. They’re family friendly, with coffee stands, artwork, and food vendors.

There’s more than just vegetable stands and local farmers at a Farmer’s Market—there are often also vendors selling handmade beeswax candles, bouquets of flowers, and other niche products and crafts. You won’t easily find these types of artisans elsewhere. Food trucks and coffee stands are generally abound and the atmosphere is a great place to bring your kids for a stimulating, memorable experience.

4. They’re a great place to meet friends and family.

The bustling atmosphere of a farmer’s market is a great place to enjoy time with friends and family, and chance are good that you’ll probably run into someone you know, too.

5. Your dollars help directly support local farmers and artisans.

Many local farmers only sell their produce at these local markets, meaning their income is directly tied to the business they get at a market. Every dollar you spend goes directly to the farmers and their families, instead of some giant supermarket chain.

6. The produce is the cheapest you can find anywhere.

Local farmers are able to sell produce at the same price or cheaper than at a grocery store since they’re selling directly to you, the customer. You’ll be amazed at how much delicious, fresh produce you can snag for just a few dollars.

Not sure where your local farmer’s market takes place? North Carolina has a vibrant farm community and markets are plentiful across the state. We’ve collected a list of the farmer’s markets in your local area. Take a look:

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