5 Ways to Beat the Winter Exercise Blues

Winter Exercise Blues

One of the downfalls of the changing seasons is a lot of us get some case of the winter blues. I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that many of us struggle with lack of motivation and laziness in the cooler months. However, we don’t want to let this seasonal lull halt our weight loss progress, therefore we need to stay consistent with our nutrition and EXERCISE!

Exercise can be a love-hate relationship. We see it all the time, patients either enjoy exercise and it’s an easy transition to help with weight loss or for some, it’s the last thing on earth they would want to do!

It’s no secret that exercise burns calories but did you know you have to burn 3500 calories in order to lose ONE POUND of weight?! This is why it’s so important to keep our exercise strong even during the winter months! We can’t slack off for a few weeks and expect to see the same results. After all, if your goal is to make long-term changes then we need to keep the exercise habit going!

To get you prepared for the winter blues, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Have a plan: If your current exercise routine has been an outdoor activity like walking, running, biking, hiking, etc, then now is the time to PLAN for bad weather and have an indoor alternative! There are numerous gyms and tons of niche workout facilities popping up everywhere! We promise, you will be able to find something that interests you. However, if you are more of a homebody, look into some workout videos like 21 Day Fix, Jillian Michael’s 30 Min Shred or T25!

Find something you enjoy: Finding an activity you actually enjoy will help to ensure you stick with it. If you spend all day dreading getting on the treadmill or elliptical, then find something new! It’s good to keep your exercise varied anyway, this will help you to constantly see changes in your body!

Make it a priority: Put exercise at the top of your priority list. If it isn’t, you will be less likely to do it! Schedule around your exercise, don’t exercise around your schedule, because we all know if you are one of those exercise haters, we will schedule OVER it all day, every day!

Buy some new workout clothes: Who doesn’t wanna feel fancy when they workout. If you are working out in raggedy ol’ smelly clothes, then buy yourself something pretty to help motivate you to workout. Hey, you deserve it!

Workout with a friend: Have an accountability workout buddy! If you have someone calling and/or texting you every day saying “hey, what time we gonna workout?” or “same time tomorrow?” or “get your glutes off that chair and come meet me!”,we promise it will make exercise easier!

Don’t let your weight loss halt during the winter months! Take these tips, use them and reach your goals!

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