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5 Weight Loss Secrets to Stay Motivated Year Round

Weight Loss Secrets5 Weight Loss Secrets to Stay Motivated Year Round 

Whether you are setting weight loss goals for your health or to get ready for bikini season, staying motivated after that initial New Year’s resolution can be hard! Here are some weight loss motivation tips to keep in mind to help you stay on track year round so you can successfully progress towards your goals!

SET REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS: When we are on a mission, we want results NOW! However, keep in mind overnight results are not likely when losing weight. If you are losing 1.5-2 pounds a week, that’s fantastic! It took time to gain weight therefore it will take time to lose it. Setting realistic expectations can help you stay more positive and driven!

SET GOALS AND CELEBRATE THEM: When you have 25, 50, 100 or more pounds to lose, those numbers can seem daunting. Therefore, setting small goals throughout the process is a smart way to track weight loss and to keep you motivated. For instance, set monthly goals or aim for a 10% weight loss in 3 months. You can also set non-numerical goals like workout 3 times next week or eat at least 3 servings of vegetables a day! We are chipping away to eventually get to that long term goal but don’t forget to celebrate those small successes!

JOURNAL: Journaling your food intake is by far one of the most helpful ways to lose weight. Having to write down everything you eat is a great way to hold yourself accountable from day-to-day and stay motivated with weight loss. However, you have to record EVERYTHING, the good, the bad and the ugly! This is the only way you will learn what you are eating and you will be less likely to grab those cookies off the counter if you know you have to journal it later!

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: The only way we can know if we are progressing is to track it! You can do this by taking weekly or monthly photos of yourself (that’s right, #selfie), tracking your weight weekly in a chart by downloading an app or simply put a penny in a jar for every pound lost! Keeping track of your weight loss will help you stay inspired during this journey!

GET AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER: You are strong and motivated, but sharing your journey with someone will help you stay on track with weight loss! Ask for encouragement and weekly follow-ups from friends to make sure you are progressing towards your goals. Knowing you have someone else to answer to can help you resist the dessert and head to the gym!

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