4 Male Weight Loss and Hormone Replacement Success Stories

Men’s Health Month is a way to raise awareness of preventable health problems in men and encourage early detection! We have helped many men reach a more optimal state of well-being here at Blue Sky MD through both our weight control and hormone replacement therapy programs.

In honor of Men’s Health Month, we wanted to honor some of our male patients who have seen great success! Here are 4 men’s weight loss success stories and HRT success stories.

Keith has lost over 100lbs on our program! He does both the weight control program and hormone therapy and obviously has seen great success! Keith changed his nutrition completely and is now exercising almost every day due to the new knowledge and energy he has experienced since starting!


Greg was no stranger to fitness when coming to Blue Sky but needed help getting his nutrition back in line. He lost over 40lbs by taking part of both our weight control and hormone therapy programs. Overall, Greg feels better and was able to get balance back in his life!


Kenneth is another male weight loss success story! He participated in our weight control program and has lost close to 90lbs! He came to Blue Sky MD to get his health back! He now has a healthy body fat percentage, normal blood pressure, good cholesterol and is no longer at risk of diabetes! Kenneth made the necessary lifestyle changes to ensure he have a longer life for his family!

kenneth transformation

James came to Blue Sky MD with a healthy body weight but just didn’t feel like himself. He participates in our hormone replacement therapy program and since starting has more energy, a sense of well-being and is overall happier! James states:


“there is a lot of stigma attached to hormone replacement therapy, but I encourage men to have your levels checked and be involved in your own well-being.”James WINSTOn

 We couldn’t have said it any better! If you don’t feel like yourself and know something seems off, don’t hesitate to see a doctor! You CAN feel better, we promise!

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