#1 Tip for Avoiding Weight Gain During Vacation

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Whether it is a major holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas or the 4th of July, or a summer family vacation, weight gain is often hard to avoid. Think about it, we tend to eat out more often, sit in the car or plane for extended hours, and are often tempted by extra sweet treats and alcoholic beverages.

The average American typically gains anywhere between 1-3 pounds by the end of a holiday or vacation. These are the top times during the year when people are most likely to gain weight in a very short span of time. Now, 1-3 pounds might not seem like a lot, but the problem is that most people don’t take this back off. Overtime, this can significantly impact weight and increase the likelihood of becoming obese. We all know, obesity can lead to an increased risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

So what can we do to avoid this possible weight gain during these fun times?? Recent studies have shown that the answer might come down to doing just one simple thing each day: Weigh Yourself!

That’s right, the simple act of weighing oneself daily could prevent weight gain during vacations. In general, most people are really sensitive to changes and differences among themselves within a short period of time. By seeing slight gains occurring on the scale, one might be more apt to change behaviors:

  • Exercise a little more the next day

  • Watch what they eat a little more closely

  • Pass up that extra cocktail

Trying to take the weight off after vacation can be very difficult, so the better alternative is to prevent the gain in the first place. Can weighing yourself daily really be the magic ticket to preventing weight gain? It can certainly play a big role in preventing those extra pounds. Some other good tips include:

  1. Don’t forget Snacks. Skipping snacks can cause you to be ravenous by your next meal. Plan ahead and include portable protein based snacks. Aim for 2 daily. Some great options include: nuts, yogurt, cheese sticks paired with fruit, turkey jerky, protein bars.

  2. Go Grocery Shopping. Find the nearest grocery store and stock up on foods to prepare your own meals or things to complement restaurant meals.

  3. Stay Hydrated. We often mistake hunger for dehydration. Carry a water bottle with you at all times and aim for 2-3 liters daily.

  4. Get Moving. Exercise helps to increase daily energy which can assist in making your vacation more enjoyable. It also helps to burn additional calories you might be consuming. Walk to dinner, jog to a museum, play at the water park, take a paddle boat trip, or find a fun hiking trail.

Click HERE for more great tips for staying on track during vacation. We at Blue Sky MD hope you have a fun and healthy summer!

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