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When Your Doctor Visit Feels Like a Trip to the Car Dealership

Car SalesmanMost Americans hate buying cars, and the reason is simple: they hate feeling pressured to buy something without really knowing what it’s worth. Car dealers have a notorious reputation for their tactics; many believe they pressure people into cars they don’t want, don’t need and can’t afford. Dealers use all sorts of methods to make  you think you’re getting a deal, and yet, most buyers leave feeling like they’ve been swindled.

Unfortunately, it isn’t only car dealers that are known for making customers feel this way. We often have patients complain to us that visiting an aesthetics office often feels like going multiple rounds with a shady dealer. These offices lack up-front pricing, customers were pressured to buy treatments they weren’t interested in, and instead of feeling comforted and taken care of they only felt confused.

Blue Sky MD is different. Our prices are up-front and won’t change from visit to visit. In fact, we’re currently at work to add our full price list to the website, so what you see will be what you get. We never pressure you into something you don’t need, instead, we custom design a health plan to achieve the goals that you set for us.

Leave the shady maneuvers for the car dealership. Visit the Aesthetics team at Blue Sky MD and get exactly what you want, at the best price on the market. Plain and simple.

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