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Refresh Your Face with Our Skin Rejuvenating Treatments

faceSometimes refreshing your appearance requires more than good skin care products and a facial.  Sometimes you need just a little more help with skin rejuvenation treatment. That’s why, at Blue Sky MD, we offer a wide array of minimally invasive services and face rejuvenation treatments to help you and your skin look its best.


As you age into your 40s and 50s, you may begin to notice that your face has lost some of its plump, youthful appearance, beginning to look more sharp and angular.  VOLUMA® replenishes lost skin volume in the cheeks giving your face a more youthful appearance. This FDA approved filler is injected under the skin with a small needle, working instantly to add volume by using a modified hyaluronic acid derived from a naturally occurring complex sugar.  With results lasting up to 2 years, Voluma adds fullness to areas that need a little more support or enhancement. Shortly after this skin rejuvenation treatment, you’ll notice that your facial contours appear fuller and rounder, giving your face a softer, more youthful appearance.

PRP Facial Rejuvenation

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) rejuvenation treatment is ideal for individuals looking for gradual but noticeable improvement in skin texture, tone, and color with minimal or no recovery time. This natural procedure offers incredible skin rejuvenation by using platelets in your own blood containing Platelet Derived Growth Factors (PDGF). These growth factors produce collagen and keratin and play a significant role in blood vessel formation, thus helping correct the visible effects of wrinkles.

This procedure helps restore or enhance areas of the face which require increased volume. Clients will notice improvement of skin texture and tone within three weeks, continuing for the next 8 months as more as collagen and keratin is laid under the skin. The results typically last 2 years or longer. Typical areas of treatment include cheeks and mid-face, wrinkling around the eyes, smile lines, nasolabial fold, neck and jawline, chest, acne scarring, hands, upper arms, and more. The process takes between 60-90 minutes, depending on complexity. For the best result, we recommend three to six treatments, 4-6 weeks apart.


BOTOX® Cosmetic is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used to improve the look of moderate-to-severe frown lines between the brows in people 18 to 65 years of age for a short period of time. This quick procedure is relatively painless producing instant results and no downtime.

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