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Blue Sky MD Launches New Line of Skin Care Products

DrLSkinCareBottleThe Blue Sky MD offices are buzzing. We can’t stop talking about our new line of skin care products, Dr. LaMond Skin.

Dr. LaMond Skin Care started with the desire to provide a quality, all-natural skin care line with proven efficacy to our clients.  While there are many skin care lines currently on the market, Drs. Dave and Natalie LaMond had concerns about the ingredients being used and felt that they could create a safer, more effective and cost efficient line of products.

The Difference is Natural 

Now their dream is a reality. Dr. LaMond Skin products boast plant stem cells as one of its many natural, active ingredients. Plant stem cells are ‘self renewal’ cells which essentially adapt to and recreate your own cells.  “Since aging by definition is cellular death, creating a product which will allow you to recreate or re-grow your own cells naturally, it’s a huge home run,” explains Dr. Dave.  Plant stem cells have the ability to do this with your skin cells.

Loaded with stem cells and peptides, the building blocks of cells, this line of skin care products is able to offer medical efficacy and a higher grade of safety in the fight against aging.  Dr. LaMond Skin Care will address the core issues of aging, rather than just treating the symptoms.

How the Products Work

The core goal of the Dr. LaMond Skin Care line is to combat aging, focusing on the treatment, correction, and prevention of aging skin.  Clients can expect products that will address changes in skin pigmentation (hyperpigmentation), acne, redness, pore size, tissue elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, and dryness or dullness of the skin.

The products are designed with an inherent flexibility so that clients can pick and choose products that are right for their skin concerns.  This flexibility will also allow Dr. Dave to create custom skin care prescriptions for clients who want to achieve maximum results.  Dr. Dave outlines a typical anti-aging skin care prescription:

  • Purifying botanical cleanse twice daily
  • White tea hydrating toner twice daily
  • Botanical growth factor serum twice daily
  • Instant rejuvenating serum am
  • Daily spf 30 moisturizer am
  • Restoring night cream pm

 Skin Care Launch Party

We invite you to check out our skin care products at an exclusive launch party, Beauty At Every Age, on Monday, March 24th from 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM at Flat Rock Playhouse Downtown. Join us for cocktails, appetizers and fashion tips from The Sanctuary, Lux Salon, …..

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